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Five Ways Customer Insights Teams Can Turn Demographic Data from Interesting to Actionable

In this white paper, we’ll use Consumer Edge data to illustrate five ways you can transform demographic data from interesting to actionable.

  • Make sure demographics are direct, not inferred
  • Beware of unadjusted biases
  • Always dig a layer deeper
  • Keep the big picture in mind
  • Go beyond demographic data when you can


Consumer Edge State of the Global Consumer Report 2023 Q2

Based on our CE Transact Global dataset, this report examines payment account spend in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Austria. Now you can look back at 2023 Q2 to uncover trends and opportunities by country, subindustry, channel, region, and demographics.

  • Where is spend is still growing strong in subindustries benefitting from pent-up demand in a post-COVID world
  • How is health and wellness spend expanding
  • How are higher prices driving macro spending trends


Differential Privacy in Consumer Transaction Data

This white paper explores the concept of differential privacy and its application in safeguarding personal identifiable information contained in consumer transaction data.

  • What is differential privacy and why is it important
  • Applying differential privacy to consumer transaction data
  • Challenges, considerations, and future trends


The Importance of Data Privacy: Can Data and Privacy Coexist?

This paper delves into the profound importance of data privacy within the consumer transaction data space, shedding light on the implications, challenges, and best practices that organizations must navigate. Learn more about:

  • The digital age and data-driven insights
  • Mitigating privacy risks and creating opportunities
  • Data privacy as a competitive advantage