Insight Flash: CE data explores whether brand equity is really driving performance of‘s transition to a relaunched Bed Bath & Beyond website. has retired its own website and relaunched a Bed Bath & Beyond-branded site in its place. Although the home furnishings site has seen instant popularity, it’s also been fueled by a huge marketing push from Overstock. Will the success continue once the hype dies down? 

Only 22% of shoppers on the relaunched site were former Bed Bath customers, implying that the brand equity may not be carrying as much weight as general marketing noise. Additionally, the furniture-heavy assortment is so dramatically different that it might not hold the same attraction for former Bed Bath loyalists – the average ticket is almost 2.5x what it was on the old site. and Bed Bath & Beyond Online Home Furnishings Spend Average Ticket Growth

Keep tracking CE data to stay on top of site performance once the newness fades, with our unique ability to include only online Bed Bath & Beyond sales in OSTK Total Company numbers.

Stacie Rabinowitz is the Director of Content for the CEIC. Explore more of her insights here and follow her on LinkedIn.